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Coronavirus, Remember, 20.

Dernière mise à jour : 9 août 2021

20. "LOVERS NO LONGER BECOME ON PUBLIC BENCHES" Wednesday 8 April 2020. "Lovers kissing on public benches, / Public benches, public benches, / Not giving a damn about the sidelong gaze / Honest passers-by." To prevent lovers from smooching on public benches, the mayor of Béziers had 97 public benches unbolted. As for that of Biarritz, he had taken a decree to limit the "sitting position" on public benches to 2 minutes. He ultimately rescinded the decree, acknowledging that "we have elderly or dependent people who want to breathe an hour a day, and who do not have the autonomy to stand for an hour." Biarritz will therefore be saved by his third age… Attack of fundamentalists? Victory of Puritanism? Free cruelty? None of this: only, “fight against a living organism”. What power, this coronavirus! Not only does it bring the planet to its knees, it also checks and checks our most natural habits! Yet the one who has already infected more than 1.4 million 400,000 people and killed 75,000 is characterized as "friendly" - but if he frequents public benches, it is to contaminate and possibly kill. So "friendly" why? Because as a virus, it is a parasite - it needs the organism that hosts it. And instead of being a killer parasite - a parasite that would kill the host organism by thus committing suicide with it - this virus there, once it has found the gateway to our cells - and it is 400 times smaller than our cells -, settles happily in the host organism and reproduces itself in billions and billions of small "virions" or viral particles which are in turn emitted into the air by sneezing, coughing, talking, screaming and singing - a word - of love -, viral, a song - viral. Yes, with "corona" it is possible! This is why our corona is "friendly", which is why unbolting public benches may seem like an excessive act, but not that much - this tells us that this corona is particularly ... "friendly" ?… We will say "insidious", "dangerous". As an "airborne" virus, it is more "diffuse", more elusive, more difficult to stop than the virus carried vector - chikungunya, yellow fever -, transmitted by a biting mite -, or the virus with a contact pathogen. - ebola, AIDS. Given that over 80% of the forms of Covid 19 are mild - how many have developed it at home, uncomplicated - one would almost wonder if we would not be better off having it all. The problem is the diversity of living things. If we did nothing against him, we would agree to "sacrifice" part of the population. Except as in Sweden where the principle of distancing is a principle that everyone takes responsibility with the clear objective of protecting the weakest organisms. If I was in the 80%, I would develop Covid 19 like a good flu, but the problem is, the contagion effect would "produce" deaths. Whoever is affected, and develops the benign form - not to mention the healthy carrier which is the squaring of the circle - will have contaminated a host of other organisms, based on billions of "virions" entangled, hooked, coiled in damp plots. from our organisms, and in this crowd of other organisms, the majority would develop the benign form (80.9%), but a good percentage would develop the malignant form, the one which needs respiratory assistance and which leads, s' there are no "respirators" on death. Cultural question: if we let the friendly virus be transmitted, what situation would we end up with? We would not have the equipment and the logistics to treat the 18.5 critical cases, and it would be like in Ecuador now: untreated patients are struck down in the street and die on the sidewalk. It is so not in our culture, to be struck down in the street, to have to burn the bodies in the street, that, in times of peace - or else, it is war, appalling comparison, if you think about it. , because in the case of war it is the man who kills -, it is so not in our culture that the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, has publicly apologized for the tragedy that his country is going through , for which the carelessness of the authorities is responsible. In Guayaquil, when the smell gets too strong, they dump their dead in the street.

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