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Coronavirus, Remember, 12.

12. "CHINESE CASSE-TETE" Friday, March 27, 2020. The Covid19 is a "Chinese headache." "A game of patience and logic that is played alone." The first known puzzle comes from Greece and dates from the 3rd century. It was not until 1550 that there was mention of a puzzle created in China. The Covid 19 is a Chinese puzzle because the numbers are liars. "Counting" is important - it measures what is happening, what you are going through - the phase of growth that is strong or not. If we are satisfied with the published figures, we can already get an idea of the reality of the epidemic. For the week of March 23-27, 2020, high-growth case-growth countries remain the same as the previous week. 20862 for Italy, '26091 for Spain, '16 129 for Germany, '12898 for France, '7768 for Iran, with a new guest who is experiencing the largest increase, the United States, with 34,776 new cases. In China, however, the increase in new cases is 282, in Korea, 280. The numbers are important. They give us the true measure of the epidemic and tell us the "models": China and Korea, very clearly, have controlled the spread. China, with a drastic containment policy and exceptional hygiene measures. Korea, with a policy of systematic screening. The Wall of China reopens. Certainly, masks are still de rigueur, and temperature checks are frequent. You can leave the Hubei region, with a certificate of non-contamination. So here's the demonstration that we can defeat Covid 19. after... for those who are accelerating, such as our european countries and the United States, we cannot help but question the methods. Note that the curve of the weekly increase in cases in Italy is slowly changing. Phew that! So this epidemic will have a beginning, and an end. As for the methods... we can't help but think of French methods, and whatever we do, our brains come and go back to the same problem. When "Le Monde" dated February 13 titled "Coronavirus: Very Serious Threat to the Planet, according to WHO" and devoted no less than 5 articles to it, it was a month before the implementation of containment. That a newspaper like "Le Monde" devotes so much space to it, suggests that upstream, institutions and states were widely aware of the "threat" posed by Covid 19. And what should a state do if there is a proven threat to its citizens? Well this state has to organize itself. In case of epidemic, disinfectant gels, masks, tests... However, the situation we are living in France, of the absence of these three elements, is chilling. What were the health authorities in France doing in early February? But for God's sake! What were they thinking? What did they do? It will be urgent to know, once this tidal wave of the epidemic has swept through us - at the end of April - and once the slow ebb is started and we look dazed. We will win, yes, but not because the state has protected and helped us, but because thousands of wills will have come together, at the risk of their health and their lives, to make the virus regress. The information is critical: in the Ile de France, there are 7660 cases tested at the PCR, more than 600 health care workers are sick, 241 Ehpads are affected throughout France and even before the peak of the epidemic, all resuscitation beds are occupied. To get a real picture of the situation, parallel the number of dead and the methodology of the country concerned. In our dear Europe, Germany has 42,288 cases - with 500,000 tests per week - and 222 deaths. The figure is therefore reliable. Probably more reliable than the French figure, 29155 cases - with 5000 to 29,000 tests per day - and 1696 deaths. Yes, we'll be fine. A day will come when we will look back and say,'' 'We did it.'' But on that day too, we will hold people to account and demand to know every detail of this fatal sequence.

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