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Coronavirus, Remember, 13.


Monday, March 30, 2020.

15 days already - and everything that places it before Friday, March 13, the pivotal date when, while thinking of municipal elections and a completely normal life, we had to fill our caddy and choose a place of hibernation - all this seems to us infinitely far away!

15 days, the time of a trip, the time of school holidays, the time it takes to spend two weekends and two weeks of 5 days, punctuated by work, such dinner, such a play, such as an opera place reserved long in advance.

It was supposed to take place in the second half of March and it didn't happen - the cards were replayed at lightning speed and here we were where we didn't imagine ourselves to be: on our balcony watching the sunbeam, in the bathroom doing an apartment bike, in front of our computer talking with our old mother.

There are, confined without telework, confined with telework and with children, school at home - usually it goes together -, the confined-students, like L., in biology, who continues the courses via internet and continuous checks by scanned homework, and then all the others, those who are at the front, the hospital staff, of course, but also the supermarket cashiers , that a call from the CGT pledged not to go to work on Sunday.

In fact, under the State of Emergency Act, 25 ordinances were adopted on 26 March, including the amendment of labour law with the authorization to work on Sundays.

Natacha Pommet, general secretary of the CGT federation of public services, explains the meaning of the strike notice launched: "We are not the only ones, the CGT health federation has also maintained its notice. This is not a call to strike but a notice of coverage, an opportunity offered as a last resort to each of our staff to assert their rights if they do not feel protected in the course of their work. »

After the death of one of their own last week, some cashiers, took their Sunday, to rest, to be with family, to leave with more energy on Monday.

Meanwhile, Dr. D., from Le Havre, a general practitioner in the office and centre for disabled children, who had just retired in October 2019, has registered for the health reserve and is waiting to be called.

After a busy professional life, marked by commitment to the poorest - the unfortunates of the country of Caux taught him the cauchois patois -, the sanitary accompaniment of trains to Lourdes and a speciality with young disabled people in the centre, he knows that he must "repackage".

By these side S. his wife, sews masks. The four children, consulted, agreed with the health reserve. S. calculates:4 hours of effectiveness for a surgical mask, 3 masks per day, 15 per week... "mask" on the board. Dr. D and his wife point out the irony of fate, they saw retirement with some relief. Well protected or not, Dr. D. will go where he is called. He's a doctor.

Like all future doctors at the end of medical studies, he took the Hippocratic oath which commits him to respect his ethical obligations.

"When I am admitted to practice medicine, I promise and swear to be faithful to the laws of honor and probity.

My first concern will be to restore, preserve or promote health in all its elements, physical and mental, individual and social.

I will respect all people, their autonomy and their will, without any discrimination according to their state or their beliefs. I will intervene to protect them if they are weakened, vulnerable or threatened in their integrity or dignity. Even under duress, I will not use my knowledge against the laws of humanity.

I will inform patients of the decisions being considered, their reasons and their consequences.

I will never deceive their trust and exploit the power inherited from circumstances to force consciences.

I will give my care to the needy and to anyone who asks me for them. I will not be influenced by the thirst for gain or the search for glory.

Admitted in the privacy of people, I will keep quiet the secrets entrusted to me. Received inside the houses, I will respect the secrets of the homes and my conduct will not be used to corrupt manners.

I will do anything to relieve suffering. I will not unduly prolong the agonies. I will never deliberately cause death.

I will maintain the independence necessary to carry out my mission. I will not undertake anything beyond my competence. I will maintain and refine them to ensure the best of the services that will be requested of me.

I will help my colleagues and their families in the face of adversity.

May men and my colleagues give me their esteem if I am true to my promises; that I be disgraced and despised if I miss it."

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