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Coronavirus, Remember, 14.


Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Solidarity has taken hold at all levels of society, regardless of race and social background. When you call your insurer for a problem of reimbursement of the night locksmith's intervention - 1039, 37 euros the change of lock, before the lock of course, because after, then, not only do you lose your keys because you don't go out anymore, but in case you go out and lose your keys, you will certainly find them prominently on the sidewalk or in your parking space. The expertise is done by phone and internet. The expert is accommodating. At the bottom of the line you can hear a babbling. It's bottle time! Same with private mail, connivance and collaboration with the employee, touching as little as possible envelopes, papers, signing, filling with "his" bic, the fifty meter is respected, and above the market you are offered a small disinfectant spray for your gloves - and the pleasant feeling of "controlling" the situation ... "fastoche!" Same thing on the phone with Agent Orange, for a stolen SIM card - before lockdown, it would be hard to get your phone stolen lately, and for that matter: what do thieves do? Where are they flying? What about the scrap metal workers, the ones who live "from" the street, "from" what you find in garbage cans and on sidewalks? - and when this Agent Orange informs me that I will receive a "very important" satisfaction survey for him, I almost want to kiss him so much he was so kind, accommodating, so the "dose" of kindness and empathy is the obligatory excipient of these exceptional times - even if in the end the problem of my call was only half solved.

The news on the virus front is not good. We know that. We've got another 15 surprises. And even though the carbon footprint of French consumption in the first week of confinement has dropped by 62%, even though researchers are working on screening tests by secretion, - faster - by serological tests and blood tests, this, to get out of confinement, - the "borders" of this strange virus have moved. It only touched the over 75s, a baby less than a month old died. It was not the business of young people - out of 21,000 people hospitalized in France, 1/3 are under 60 years of age and 64 people under the age of 30 are in resuscitation - of course, the majority of cases in resuscitation are diabetic or have heart conditions.

So yes, let's think of the 7924 people who have returned home - if after 8 days, for 48 hours, they have no symptoms, they are estimated to be cured. Let us think of all those animals that lived on the edges of men, and who reinvest the space, the rabbits of Orly - last commercial flight today 31 March, before a closure sine die - , the wild boars of the Tibidabo, let us listen, in this silence finally reconquered, the chirping of birds, the scrilands of the chicks, it is spring, let us not forget, and more than ever nature breathes with ease.

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