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Coronavirus, Remember, 15.

15. "THE CIRCUMSCRIBED TERRITORIES" Wednesday April 1, 2020. No April Fool's Day. No fish at all. Since the hotel industry has been at half mast, the price of fish has fallen so much that longliners and trawlers prefer to stay at the berth and receive compensation. No April Fool's Day. No fish. No vacation either, as Minister Castaner made it clear that there is no time off in confinement - confinement is not a job, and her vacation does not need. Well, no April Fool's Day, no fish, no holidays… But work to do, for schoolchildren and academics confined between mum / dad and internet teachers. In short, the virtual has all the more the wind in its sails as the practical situation deteriorates - the peak of the epidemic is expected within two weeks, so let's hold on, and don't ask our husbands to go buy our compresses. menstrual at the pharmacy - they would risk being fined, as was the case, yes, it's not just the rules of 4 !. The confined citizen and his family organize themselves. And if the students are reminded, “ding-ding”, that we must work, even in these exceptional circumstances, to the parents, we reminded, “ding, ding”, that in another confined home there is a tax official to the teleworking which awaits your “on-line-declaration” from June 4 to 11, just to make you understand that, yes, life goes on, and that it needs to be financed this life. The "on-line declaration" for June 4 is rather reassuring in the end, it means that by then the situation will be under control, that France will not be divided into closed territories with superinfected infections and open territories. Let us remember that at the beginning, however, we "closed" the infected territories (Codogno in Lombardy, Méry-sur-Oise in the Paris region, Igualada in Catalonia). There were the "inside", the "culture baths", and the "outside". And then, “oh! say! That's true ! ", We discover that everything has become an" inside ", that the only" outside "is the moon or March, perhaps, and that the only people who have the right to take the train are the poor intubated people in overwhelmed hospitals that 'we move from one region to another - a medicalized tgv left Austerlitz this morning to place 36 patients in hospitals in Brittany. Go! Let's try a little realism! "Circumscribing" has become our last weapon in the face of the virus: defining "spaces", in this space we treat - and are they heroes, those who treat us -, in this space we protect ourselves from the virus - the homes of confined families ... In Los Angeles, no cheap accommodation, but motorhomes and beaches. The infected homeless are thus confined to these campsites. Elsewhere in America, a homeless "parking lot" with white painted demarcations on the ground has been painted, - I assure you, it looks like the parking lot of your favorite supermarket, except that instead of the cars, there is a human. under a blanket, an unusual image, certainly, the homeless being by nature inhabiting everywhere and nowhere. Go! It's time to apply for a visa for Belarus, (9.5 million people and homeland of Chenobyl), where Lukashenko ostensibly kisses a football player and declares the coronavirus a "psychosis", or a visa for Turkmenistan (5.5 million inhabitants), with his “protective father”, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamdow, who banned the press from pronouncing the word “coronavirus” and had the masks torn off by his special police.

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