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Coronavirus, Remember ! 5.

Reread, the better to remember.

What did we experience, and how?

March 12 / April 17, 2020.

“Journal du Coronavirus 1-22” by Thérèse Fournier.

illustrations by Juanjo Surace.

5. Dog rental.

Thursday March 19, 2020.

Between laughter and tears, the feeling of witnessing a tragicomedy - while everything was "normal" less than a week ago, we had scheduled our concerts, our dinners, our vacations, our family celebrations. - confined to the house. While doctors and nursing staff are fighting hard on the disease front - because in the history of the Coronavirus there is, as during wars, a "front", and "the rear" - while the army provides transport planes equipped with medical structures to relieve congestion in hospitals, mainly in the "great East" - 6 patients from Mulhouse are thus transported from Mulhouse to Toulon and Marseille -, while Dr Salomon announces that in France the confirmed cases, by PCR test, will now double every three days - 6,633 cases yesterday March 17, 7,700 today -, that there are now serious forms in those under 60 years old ... we hear stories that make us laugh and distract us. A man in Madrid hired a dog. For an agreed fee he comes to your home with a dog that you have the right to walk for an "x" time. Or that lover of fresh baguette "pinched" by the police for having spent his day wandering around Paris with the same baguette under his arm. All of this makes us smile.

While on the list of confirmed cases, France is in 7th place - 81,101 for China, 31,506 for Italy, 16,169 for Iran, 11,826 for Spain, 9,360 for Germany, 8,413 for the Republic of Korea, 7,730 for France - and that Kim Jong-un in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, proclaim from the rooftops that there is not a case of coronavirus on his soil and that his 25 millions of inhabitants are completely healthy - something impossible, according to experts for whom the recent low level of military activity in North Korea would be a sign that Korea is infected - while we do not know what turn of events will take in Europe and in the world, and that in the mental exercise of imagining the "end" of the war against the coronavirus, we find ourselves in front of a huge question mark - so in 3 months, we will reinvest our streets , our parks, our stations, our airports?

What will have been the impact

of this huge crisis on our brains? Will humans, as always, show exceptional resilience? -, we hear news that warms our hearts and allows us to consider the future.

China has closed its last hospital dedicated to the Coronavirus - for lack of patients. An Indian doctor has successfully treated infected patients with a combination of drugs such as Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir and Chlorphenamine. A 103-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan recovered from Covid-19 after 6 days of treatment. Apple has reopened its 42 stores in China. A Cleveland clinic has created a test that gives results in hours, not days. The situation is particularly difficult in Italy because Italy has the oldest population in Europe. Blood from recently recovered patients could treat infected patients.

So many reasons to remain united, to respect the instructions to the letter and to refuse to be infected by catastrophic ideas.

Illustrations are by Juanjo SURACE

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