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Coronavirus, Remember, 9.

9."OUR DEAR EGOUTIERS" Tuesday, March 24, 2020. While the numbers of new PCR-tested infections are increasing rapidly in the West, respecting the ranking, Italy (63927), Usa (41511), Spain (33089), Germany (28865) Iran (East, 23049), France (19856), - for France 4000 new cases in 24 hours - while China in the absence of new cases decided to lift containment measures on 25 March in Hubei province , on 8 April for Wuhan, questions were raised in France about the safety of the treatment with chloroquine, an antimalarial. While on the front line, doctors, nursing assistants, nurses, stretcher-bearers are fighting to treat and save lives, often in need of the most basic protections - having a mask FFP2 or 3 is a luxury in the medical community in France - while more and more French, with mild symptoms, would like to be tested, but are not, for lack of tests , the country, like a huge organization, is adapting to the crisis situation so that essential services are provided. Public servants, who had already begun to organize themselves with the autumn strikes, equipping themselves with professional mobile phones, and creating the possibility of telework, continue to manage situations of financial and social distress. A, Director of the Paris Space for Insertion for the 8th, 17th and 18th arrondissements, leads a team of 45 agents. She is at home with her husband and children and continues her 8 hours of daily work. The case that occupies it is that RSA (active solidarity income). "In fact," she explains, "in normal times, you have to justify every 3 months of your right to the RSA. Lately, more than 13,000 people had been deprived of their RSA for lack of proof. With the crisis, we decided to restore them. But we can only do it manually. Many people are indeed worried: going out shopping, of course, but with what they will pay? »

"Same situation with domestic abuse, which continues, coronavirus or not, and can even get worse, because of promiscuity. We had to create a new issue, broadcast this issue. Free up hotel rooms so these women can take refuge. » The coronavirus is moving forward, and the country continues to rotate. So for water management. Essential that water flows when opening a faucet, essential that the dishwasher rotates, essential to take a shower. For example, SIAAP, which manages the water sanitation system throughout the territory, has implemented its PCA, its "business continuity plan" which provides that 40% of the workforce will be operational, 20% of which are on the ground, 20% in telework, and 30% of teams that can be mobilized. In the island of France, it is a question of managing 530 sewage treatment plants with essential interventions, our expensive sewers (1500 in total, 265 of them in daily action), that we cross in the street with their rubber boots, maintain and clean the sewerage pipes and the related structures - profession for which we ask "serenity in the dark, no phobia of insects or rats , a tolerance to foul smells" -, hydrocurers, ensure the non-obstruction of pipes and structures and the proper evacuation of sludge -, electromechanics - pumps turn !-, composters, a whole people of workers is active, to monitor the more than 500 kilometers of pipes, 2.5 to 6 meters in diameter, which carry our effluents, to the factories. Thanks to them, crisis or no crisis, we have water, and in this Paris that meets on its balconies for lyrical encounters, or more prosaically a concert of pots and pans, let's not forget to ovation these workers of the shadows, who have a certain tolerance to our nauseating smells, and thanks to which we say, water, it's natural!

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